Category Topics

[NIP] Notional Improvement Proposal

Notional Improvement Proposals (NIPs) are used to formalize proposals that have gone through the NRC process and passed the temperature check. NIPs are voted upon on Notional’s snapshot.

[NRC] Notional Request for Comment

Publishing an NRC is the first step in creating a governance proposal. Anyone can submit an NRC to start a discussion. the post should cover all the relevant information for the community to discuss and weigh the pros and cons of the proposition. This will allow the community to provide feedback and ideas for improvements. All comments from the community should be taken into consideration and should be responded to respectfully.


Where delegates present themselves, describe how they plan to contribute to Notional’s governance and why NOTE holders should delegate to them.

[NGP] Notional Grants Program

This category is for the discussion of the Notional Grants Program and grant ideas.


Channel to discuss ideas on improving Notional.

Governance discussions

Channel for Notional governance discussions.

Rules and guides

Welcome to the Notional governance forum. We have a few rules governing communications within the Forum.