Notional Finance Delegate Application

Anthias Notional Delegate Application

Name: Anthias
Forum Handle:
Twitter: @anthiasxyz
ETH Address: 0x7575F04A46B6D76142723E765f7546c354773406

Delegate Presentation

About the Anthias Team

Anthias is a risk management organization that also builds tools for easily monitoring liquidation risk for DeFi borrowing/lending markets. We recently posted the collateral asset onboarding proposals for cbETH, GMX, ARB, RDNT, UNI, LINK, and LDO onto Notional V3.

The Anthias team launched from the Dartmouth Blockchain club. Our philosophy is to continually provide value to the blockchain ecosystem through shipping useful products and research. We have extensive experience in DeFi, having contributed to multiple DeFi protocols. We have also shipped multiple grants for other lending protocols including Aave, Euler, and Compound V2 + V3.

How Has Anthias Supported Notional Thus Far?


Product Testing

  • The Anthias team worked on product testing for Notional V3 both in the beta stage of the product and post-launch. Our team worked with the Notional team to provide feedback on the user interface, user experience, and risk views.

Previous Work Showcase / Who Supports Anthias?

  • Aave
    • We created our initial dashboard in June of 2022 to monitor liquidation health on Aave after the Terra/Luna collapse.
    • We completed our first grant for Aave in October of 2022. In this grant, we expanded our initial Aave dashboard to allow users to view historical liquidation health data in order to develop an even clearer picture around market risk.
  • Euler
    • We first worked with Euler starting in July of 2022 on monitoring liquidation health for their users.
    • We then continued work with Euler via another grant in January of 2023. With this grant, we expanded our tool suite for Euler to do Value at Risk monitoring and simulations, in-depth asset and health score filtering, and a more granular wallet view to show covariance among assets individual users were borrowing and supplying.
  • Compound
    • We began working with Compound V2 and V3 in March of 2023 after being requested by their community to monitor liquidation health and provide tooling to assist with this.
  • Exactly
    • We were approved for our first integration with Exactly Protocol in February of 2023. This grant is to integrate our initial liquidation health dashboard with Exactly on both Ethereum and Optimism.
  • UwU Lend
    • We began supporting the UwU Lend community in May of 2023 with risk management work and liquidation health monitoring.

See more of our past work on our Twitter.

Why We Are Applying for NOTE Delegation

As a Notional delegate, we will place an emphasis on risk management and assisting with the processes to lead to further decentralization and governance participation. Along with this, there are a number of risk vectors in borrowing and lending protocols, including smart contract risk, price oracle manipulation risk, governance / pool management risk, and market risk (liquidations + bad debt). As protocols like Notional continue to onboard more users, it is increasingly important to safeguard the protocol and its users for healthy activity. Safeguarding users against unnecessary/excessive risk ensures the long-term sustainability of the protocol, as well as an improved user experience.

Principles Anthias Will Vote By:

  1. Risk must be accounted for in all proposals. This will factor most heavily into our vote. The primary risk we will seek to mitigate with our vote is direct economic risk to Notional users. The second risk we will seek to mitigate with our vote is risk of centralization, which could lead to the primary risk above.
  2. Decentralization as a core tenet
  3. Structure and process. We will support proposals that follow the guidelines outlined in the Notional Docs, and we will assist the community in making sure all proposals accurately outline their objectives and risks as well as follow a structure that all Notional governance participants can easily follow.

If you would like to delegate your NOTE to us, please delegate to our address here: 0x7575F04A46B6D76142723E765f7546c354773406

If you would like to chat with the Anthias team, feel free to reach out to Charlie in the Notional Discord at 0xBroze.

Thank you! - The Anthias Team