[NIP-11] Creation of Marketing Guild


The primary inspiration for the launch of the Notional Marketing Guild is to grow our contributor base, better market the value of Notional’s products, and move us along on our path of progressive decentralization as a DAO.

Existing Challenges

  • Protocol relies solely on the Notional core team for marketing activities
  • Current Notional community members don’t always have a clearly defined way to contribute or receive the appropriate recognition/compensation when they do.
  • Existing programs like notable impressions don’t hold contributors accountable or motivate them long-term
  • Involving the entire Notional DAO for marketing-related decisions can be inefficient


The Notional Marketing Guild will be established upon passing of a community snapshot vote and funding of the to-be created Notional Marketing Guild Gnosis Safe Wallet. The guild will be experimental in nature and be funded for a period of 2 months. After the initial 2 months, the Notional community and core team can decide on continuing the guild in its current form or altering it to better serve the community’s/protocol’s needs.

The guild will originally consist of 5 members with the optionality to add or remove members based on need and recommendation of the guild leader. The initial 5 guild members will consist of the following members:

Kyle Long - Notional Core Team and guild leader

Cameron Schorg - Notional Core Team

Guild member 3 - Data analyst

Guild member 4 - Data analyst

Guild member 5 - Yield strategy analyst

The Notional Marketing Guild Treasury will be managed through Utopia on top of a ⅗ mult-sig safe with Teddy Woodward, Kyle Long, Cameron Schorg, and 2 guild members as signers.

Guild Member Responsibilities

The Marketing Guild will supplement the existing marketing activities the Notional core team conducts. This will include general strategy considerations around Notional blitzes and overall guild design.

  • Kyle Long - Overall guild strategy
  • Cameron Schorg - Guild operations and ecosystem liaison
  • Guild member 3 - Data analyst to publish via twitter monthly analysis on rate changes (2 times per month)
  • Guild member 4 - Data analyst to publish via twitter analysis of NOTE holders, Notional users, and related insights (3 times per month)
  • Guild member 5 - Yield Strategy analyst to publish via twitter trading strategies (1 time per week)

All members are expected to attend the Notional Marketing Guild stand up meeting that will be held every other week and provide feedback on how we can best improve the guild.

Proposed Budget

Requesting $16k in NOTE from the Notional Community Treasury to be used in the following way:

  • $3k for Notional Blitzes and promotional material
  • $3k for guild member compensation ($500 per contributor per month)
  • $7.5k for guild member compensation based on individual KPIs (up to $1250 per contributor per month)
  • $1.5k for guild member compensation based on full guild KPIs (up to $250 per contributor per month)
  • $1k buffer

Note: Notable Impression and the grants/bounty programs budget are not included. All unused amounts will be returned to the DAO if unused. If guild members do not complete their individual responsibilities they will not be eligible for individual or team based KPI compensation. Core team members will not be compensated for guild contributions.

Individual guild member compensation

Up to $1250 per contributor per month will be paid out using the following schedule at the end of each month:

Average tweet engagement of <2% - $15 per 1k impressions

Average tweet engagement of 2-4% - $20 per 1k impressions

Average tweet engagement of 4-6% - $25 per 1k impressions

Average tweet engagement above 6% - $30 per 1k impressions

Team Compensation

Up to $250 per contributor per month for above 2.0% MoM Notional twitter follower growth

Outstanding Questions and Considerations

If the Notional DAO decides to continue funding the guild what does the member election process look like?

Are there other parts of the Notional organization that could benefit from a similar guild structure?

How could we roll up existing marketing/community programs into the guild ie. notable impressions ?

Future guild member additions - growth hacker, designers, community liaisons, notional intern account

Link to original discussion
Link to Snapshot vote